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Link with your local community to sew face coverings, scrubs and more!

Our Mission

Our mission is to create the link between you and your local sewing group doing incredible things for your community.

Ever since the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic, many communities of volunteers have come together to form sewing groups producing a variety of items such as face coverings, scrubs and more.

We're here to link you directly with your local group and join other local heros.

Our Story

DC Tech is a web technology company from Derbyshire who wanted to do our bit for our local community and care providers during the pandemic.

Whilst we can't sew ourselves, we still wanted to help our local groups with our own set of skills. Crafting2gether (formally Shelagh's Sewing Circle) is a group who very quickly attracted over 250 local volunteers producing and delivering over 76,000 face masks free of charge to the NHS, Charities, Community Organisations, Foodbanks, Schools, Hospices, Care Homes and many others, supporting the health and welfare of all those working to support these groups. As they looked to expand their group to set up other local area hubs, we built a bespoke cloud based system to allow them to manage and organise both their orders and volunteers effective.

One thing quickly led to another and we have now joined forces with The Big Community Sew to help and assist more local groups by providing a platform manage their volunteer link ups, order management and supply system.

DC Tech
The Big Community Sew


Do you want to join your local community sewing group?

In association with The Big Community Sew, we have joined forces with local community sewing groups right across the UK.

Simply complete the form below to submit your details to your local group and be part of something incredible!

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Link Volunteer is a cloud based web platform that allows you to easily manage your group’s volunteers, track your orders and manage your deliveries.

It is suitable for groups of all sizes from the smallest local teams, through to nationwide co-operatives with multiple hub locations.

The Link Volunteer platform is being offered Free of Charge to any volunteer group responding to the current pandemic whether you are producing masks, scrubs or any other item being donated to our front line and key workers.

If you are part of, or run a local group and would like more information, a demo, or to join our network of Linked Volunteer groups that is growing by the day, please contact us by email to and we will be in touch!